Architect Akihisa Hirata creates an open building in Tokyo

Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata has just completed the construction of a multi-storey building in Tokyo that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space. Already known for his architectural work inspired by the forms and elements of nature, with his Tree Ness House, Akihisa Hirata has created a tangled construction which promotes the circulation of light and the development of green spaces.

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Petite Studio, the brand specifically created for smaller sizes

While we often talk about plus-size collections in fashion, there is less to be said about petite sizes: a handful of the big brands offer collections for smaller customers, but often without taking into account their stylistic desires. New York-based brand Petite Studio looks set to buck this trend: this chic and trendy fashion label is specially designed for smaller sizes.

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LYCRA T400: A New Revolution Towards Sustainability

When 60 years ago, LYCRA®, a brand owned by INVISTA, invented a stretchy and versatile fiber that can be used across every garment category, a revolution took place within the fashion industry as comfort, fit and flexibility entered our everyday lives and redefined how clothing feels.

Presented last month at Kingpins Denim Show in Amsterdam, LYCRA T400 is the new fiber invented by INVISTA.

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