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Tomorrow, sea anemone will be able to regenerate human tissues

The sea anemone doesn’t measure more than 2 cm and lives stuck to the depths of the sea rocks. However, the Nematostella has a rare particularity: it is endowed with stem cells called totipotent, active for a lifetime. In other words, the sea anemone is able to recreate by itself a tentacle if cut. According to Daniel Aberdam from the Inserm, it’s a “very simple and very old life form. Like it has kept an embryonic system. Its organism can therefore regenerate entirely”.

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Digital food: the 3D culinary printer

” The creation and experimentation potential in the culinary sector is without limits “.
Marcelo Coelho.

After online cooking websites and its recipes range, the Top Chef or Master Chef global success, research laboratories are now working on “ready-to-cook” machines, to realize all kind of recipes, without getting tired! Marcelo Coelho, researcher in the MIT, created a 3D culinary printer to make cooked meals.

This Digital Fabricator would be able to print food from ingredients taking into account temperature, forms or the dishes calories. Ingredients, that are real, have to be inserted in cartridges such as colors for a printer!

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Damien Hirst or the art of storytelling

The “Damien Hirst” exhibition just started at the Tate Modern Museam in London, and a tickets shortage is already announced!

Mastering the art of being talked about, adulated by collectors, the English artist is nowadays the contemporary art symbol. He is the most listed of the market and the most controversial artist who has contributed to invest the artist figure– serially work producer, like Warhol.

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Say Hi to the Mooks !

Whereas the book is dematerializing and the paper magazine sales know an increase without precedent, we assist to the appearance of a great number of beliefs magazines, conceived contrary to the traditional press and which impressions are really important for supports without advertisement.

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Tenth edition of MADE IN FRANCE

On the 28th and 29th March was held the Salon de la Haute-Façon, held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, Eurovet, UFIH (Union Française des Industries de l’Habillement), the Maison du savoir-faire et de la création and R3ilab. The “Paris capital of fashion: what future without a local industry?” debate was an opportunity to paint a picture of the Haute façon in France and to discuss steps to upgrade its business, training included.

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