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White Drama

The White Drama exhibition, located at the Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris, gives us the opportunity to highlight the delicacy of the Comme des Garçons 2012 Spring/ Summer collection.

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The Nail Art temptation

Criticized during a long time, the Nail Art wave is asserting itself more and more and seems without any limits; the biggest brands don’t stop to innovate in shades and ways to apply the famous lacquer. Professionals and individuals have the time of one’s life; and the number of DIY (Do It Yourself) websites is increasing.

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KURE BAZAAR: the good nail philosophy!

Let’s talk about ecology?! Be relaxed, Promostyl just wants to introduce you to the first eco-friendly nail lacquer!

Eight years ago, Kartika Luyet, a Brazilian model, pregnant with her first child, stopped using nail polish, because of its chemical composition, that’s how she had the brilliant idea to launch a new eco-natural nail lacquer, with a formula up to 85% of natural origin based on wood pulp, cotton, corn, potatoes and wheat.

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The city at fingertips

History of cities architecture is inseparable from technical progresses that modify functionalities. Thus, whereas railway moved cities closer to countryside and plane moved closer continents, which city will come from the third industrial revolution, the digital revolution?

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