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Ethical Fashion Show – September 2012

Since 2004, this bi-annual Paris event has been a pioneer and trailblazer in the sector of ethical fashion, showcasing innovative and imaginative projects through top-class artisans, their craftsmanship and their use of fine materials. The Ethical Fashion Show’s vibrant portrayal of the meaningful, eco-responsible and positive vision of the future of fashion was attended by nearly 50 companies from around the world; half from Europe and half from South America, Asia and Africa.

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Who has heard of The University of Health Sciences (HESAV)? No one. But 368,168 people have seen the performance created by franco-suisse artist, NOTsoNOISY (Guillaume Reymond), and the video continues to circulate and spread thanks to internet enthusiasts.

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Drag Queen Barbie

Following ‘Popstar Barbie’, ‘Fashion Barbie’, and the extremely trashy, ‘Pooper Scooper Barbie’, Mattel have now released ‘Drag Queen Barbie.’ Sold at $125 each, you’ll only be able to find these dolls online, not in shops. Is a transgender Barbie one step too far? Not at all, answers Cathy Cline, vice president of marketing for Barbie manufacturer, Mattel: “Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.”

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