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Alice Springs at La Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris

In the heart of the Marais district of Paris, the MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie) is an oasis of tranquility and beauty.  After walking across the patio housing a pebble sculpture symbolizing Ying and Yang, you will discover Henault de Cantorbe, the private mansion, built in 1706 and later transformed into a museum. With its draped curtains and dim lighting, what better setting to showcase large format black and white photography?

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Deciphering the trend : the tatoo

The last couple of years have seen an increase in the consumer palette for tattoos, both permanent and temporary. With this readiness for people to mark their ever-decreasing territory in increasingly overpopulated towns, everyone seems keen to reinstate their territory by doing so on their own skin.

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Dior 24K Gold Tattoos

Camille Micelli, in charge of boosting the jewellery collection of Dior Couturehas designed for the fashion house a collection of temporary tattoos. Released this week in limited edition, these tattoos are made from gold leaf in the form of bracelets and charms and are sold at 90 euros each.

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Hybrid objects

The French writer Georges Pérec, who often centres the stories in his novels on objects instead of characters, is known for his fictional support genre. Today, artists and designers also adopt this. The hub of their artistic reflection is concerned with the end of programmed objects.

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The canvas trend

What is the real trend for this year? The “Anything Goes” trend! Juxtapose tiles with weights, houndstooth with flowers or even give priority to more fluid lines, patternless fabrics and the purity of black versus white. In 2013, creators were given free rein in creating outfits – the bolder, the better!

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The Amazonian, Slimane Woman

“Fashions come and go, but style is eternal.” YSL

For ten years, Hedi Slimane has developed for Dior the male silhouette of today. With his fitted tailoring, narrow shoulders and slim fit sleeves, he has dressed every pop star on earth from the likes of David Bowie and Keith Richards to Sting and Mick Jagger.  But Slimane has not only freed men from their shoulders: the suited entrepreneur has harvested for men a line, a silhouette and a figure before burying them beneath layers of clothes. So much so that Karl Lagerfeld declared his decision to lose 30 kilos so that he could wear the slim fit suits and those pristine white collared shirts.

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Mask your identity!

If you haven’t been successful getting hold of Batman’s invisibility cloak to blend unnoticed into a crowd, you can order a mask online to hide your face using the pixelated face of German minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich. Designed by artist Martin Backes, this mask can even be used to fool facial recognition technology.

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Travel into the 3D

Fabrics, wallpapers, floor tiles and geometry…For some time now, we’ve seen everything making a comeback! Criss-cross patterns on the floor and subtle blends of cubes and diamonds all accompany us into the present day.

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Faux smells and faux tastes

Addicts Anonymous

Addicted to coffee but no time to go to the machine? Between two folders, why not get a kick of coffee for less of the calories.

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