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Golden Designs

To be able to transform children’s drawings into lasting works of art is the challenge presented to Swedish designer, Mia van Beek, in creating jewellery brand, Formia Design, who converts childish scribbles into gorgeous pieces of wearable jewellery. Created online and staying true to their drawings, these pieces are made in gold, silver, steel or resin and in the form of pendants, charms, bracelets or a book mark…

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The Russian fashion comeback

What is the reason for this fashion-rebirth from Russia? Having been largely absent from the international scene, Russian designers have remarked its revival on the catwalk this autumn. At the forefront of this trend is Ulyana Sergeenko, making her friend, Natalia Vodianova, model at the launch of her first haute couture A/W12 collection in Paris last July.

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New Running Puma “TOORI” Collection

Merging pop culture and manga, the new Toori trainers rejuvenate the Puma brand. ‘Pop art’ and Roy Lichtenstein enthusiasts will recognize the design, as will Manga cartoon readers. With its bright acid pop colours, we think the shoes look like they’ve leapt straight out of a comic book!

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The customization craze

These days, all major trainer brands are offering customers the option to personalize their shoes and in just a few clicks, you could receive the trainers of your choice within two to three weeks.

For example, at Adidas you can find a large range of shoes to customize, whilst Nike offer everyone the option, “Customize”, on their website. Converse offer clients to “Shop and create”, letting you pick the colour of the body as well as the eyelets and then sharing the photo online.

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Naturel H2O laundry shop: Paris Shop & Design Prize 2012

How can you entice customers into your shop amid an era where all shopping is done online? By offering them an exclusive world, unlike anywhere that can be found on the Internet.

Since large brands have confidently understood this technological phenomenon and implemented it in the design and architecture of their shops and in relaying their story of the brand, then it’s time that smaller brands follow suit also.

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K’Pop: the Korean horse-dance craze

Imagine if Korean boy band group, Block B, stole the hearts of teenage One Direction fans! It’s well known that the centre of the world’s economy is in Asia, but South Korea has proven itself in the musical stakes, making it worthwhile that the country continues to invest its money in their music industry.

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A closer look at the Twitter dress

In London on Thursday 8th November, UK X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger dazzled the red carpet in 2000 sewn-on LED lights, part of the ‘first ever Twitter dress’ from the launch of new British 4G network, Everything Everywhere. The technology in this dress allowed Twitter users to tweet @EE and send messages directly to their idol!

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The antidote for greed, invented by Diddo

What are the problems you face at the end of the month? A craving for luxury, fur coats or fast cars? A vague attempt to enter the stock market in the quest for more money? To find the antidote to this greed, have a look at the website of artist-designer, Hollandais Diddo. This former product marketing specialist focuses all his efforts on brand stories to produce a better antidote: a reflection on today’s consumerist society.

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