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The magic of Christmas takes over London!

Every December, London puts on its Sunday (Christmas)  best – which makes sense for the capital of the UK that attracts around 30 million visitors each year. When we talk of Christmas, shopping immediately springs to mind, so therefore the large department stores in London bring out the big guns to attract the passersby. Some shops transformed into the must-see places, let’s discover them together!

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Paul Graham’s “The present”

Paul Graham, 56-year-old British expat living in America, is one of the big players of the contemporary photography scene. His works are now being shown via iPad at the new Parisian photography showroom, Le Bal, for his two exhibition collections, “Beyond Caring” (1984) and “The Present” (2012).

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Repetto’s “Wardrobe”

Brand Repetto have chosen the festive season as the perfect time to launch their first ready-to-wear collection called, “Garde-Robe” (“Wardrobe”). Centred on the theme of dance, this 20-piece collection was created by Emilie Luc-Duc, Rodier’s artistic director. She opted for neutral colours: powdered beige, white and black while other parts are in gala pink and grey, evoking the elegance of tutus layered with tulle, taffeta and jersey.


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The hula-hoop bag from Chanel

The highly acclaimed large hula-hoop bag on the Chanel S/S13 catwalks this autumn is now available in a miniature-sized version just 24 centimetres in diameter. The pioneer of haute couture never ceases to reinvent themselves thanks to this bag, through which Chanel drive their sales. For customers with a sense of humour, we would team the bag with jeans and trainers for a beach generation vibe.

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Jacquemus by Simon Porte, the man with the magic fingers

Simon Porte Jacquemus is a designer who is touched by grace; he is someone who transforms the simple into the poetically beautiful. Originally from Brame-Jean, a little place situated in the south of France, he repeatedly cites his back story from Provence, of which forms an integral part in the inspiration for his designs.

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Department stores in Paris display a very “couture” Christmas

Each year in Paris, shop windows diffuse the magic of the world to children through animated toys, illuminations and Father Christmases laden with gifts. From the month of December onwards, we anticipate a pilgrimage of people flocking to these display windows, both large and small. These displays at department stores in Paris draw on average 10 million people every year. A strong attraction among shoppers, as well as injecting a healthy dose of Christmas rivalry between brands, these windows make up around a third of a brands’ annual budget spent on decoration.

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