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Men being womanized by colour

With the release of the highly anticipated American blockbuster just around the corner, “The Great Gatsby” seems to have instilled a certain lightness and refinery on men’s ready-to-wear items, echoing styles of the Roaring Twenties. Construed through extremely fitted cuts, attention to detail and delicate colours borrowed from the female sartorial palette, the masculine wardrobe profits from this desire for sophistication with a significant renewal of colours, materials and multiple outfit parts to the men’s wardrobe.

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ZooBeetle : a nomad website

ZooBeetle is the story of two sisters who have come together to create an entirely new concept. Passionate about the theme of voyage, they travel the world in search of trendy objects, accessories and decorations. Their discoveries are then sold on their e-shop.

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Isetan relooking

One of the biggest department stores in Japan,  Isetan in Shinjuku, reopened in March 2013 after almost a year of renovations and remodeling.

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