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Pamela Tietze

Pamela Tietze designs unique glasses as a way to see the world through a different lens.

Made from crystal glass prisms, her glasses allow the wearer to enter a youthful psychedelic world, like one might see through a kaleidoscope.

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Les petites découpes

Rue de la Folie Méricourt in the 11th arrondissement  of Paris is truly booming. Each month sees a new concept store head its way that intends to rival those found in the neighbouring district of the Haut-Marais – the arguably trendier side of the capital.

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The self-cleaning shirt!

American clothing company, Wool & Prince, has launched a new shirt on funding platform, Kickstarter, that can be worn for a hundred days straight without needing to be washed!
Thanks to an ultra-resistant wool-blend fabric, this shirt won’t end up in your dirty laundry pile as often as you might assume. Indeed, unlike cotton, wool is much more effective in combatting sweat; odours have no time to develop as the shirt is efficient at evaporating sweat into the air!

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The world according to Angélique Lecaille

From afar, we notice vast, grey skies at the turning of a driveway in the style of Nicholas Poussin. Enthralled, we approach closer to the canvas and find behind the glass that protects the image the grain of cardboard, and suddenly we are stood before a pencil drawing by Angélique Lecaille, 120 x 140 cm in size, whose work is on display at the Art Paris Art Fair of Melanie Rio Gallery.

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