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Duras Song: portrait of a writer


“Writing isn’t speaking. It is being silent. It’s screaming silently. It is the opposite of  cinema, the opposite of  theater and other shows. Because a book is the unknown, it is night, it is closed, that’s it. The book walks towards its own destiny and that of its author, which is then destroyed by its publication: it is separate from them, the dream book, like youngest child, always loved the most.” Marguerite Duras ‘Write’ (1993)

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Comeforbreakfast rethinks the silhouette

Comeforbreakfast lives up to its name by developing fashion like creating a meal. Unsurprisingly, the ready to wear brand is Italian- created by Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna. The latest collection is an opportunity to revisit their take on stylistic freedom by taking a less is more approach.

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We are Barbie dolls by Vogue Paris

For the Christmas festivities Vogue Paris have asked Office Neochrome to create wardrobes for Barbies in the style of iconic brands. The pictures perfectly reflect the universe of each brand with a touch of irony, they feature a different design and boast accessories that relate to the labels.

The duo of designers from Neochrome Nicolas and Samantha Lanteri have been given the task of creating the looks that represent the luxury brands chosen by the magazine.

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Marcello Velho

Marcello Velho is a graphic artist living in England. His abstract compositions have featured on blogs in the last few months, but in particular I like the new stylized photo, shown below, mixing his tumblr style to iconic vintage furniture. His works are representative of the current trend of digital art, digital brushes strokes, his abstract compositions themselves are true punchy paintings!

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Adidas shifts to all over quirky!
While giant psychedelic motifs were previously found in their collaborations with Jeremy Scott, the German brand has since launched its miZX flux app that allows you to customize your sneakers with photography. There is a real wave of macro/micro trends and photo prints that are challenging the urban-cleancodes of current sports wear.

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