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The future of literature: 3D printing

Due to the rise in tablet popularity, e-books are becoming more and more dominant in the book market and publishers now have to reflect on the future of printed books. Easily downloadable, e-books are experiencing great success, reviving the idea of the “Library of Babel”. Available for everyone, everywhere, electronic books represent a quarter of total book sales in the United States, 7% in the United Kingdom and roughly 3% France.

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3D printing: A house supplied in 24 hours

While talking about exporting 3D printers to Mars in order to build houses quickly and easily, professor Behrokh Khoshnevis from the University of Southern California just developed the construction of a 1,000 square meter (2,500 square feet) concrete building with a giant 3D printer. Something that’s equally capable of producing an entire school or even a billionaire’s villa.

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Nomadic hotel room

Presented during Milan Design week, “Hotello” is a 4m² portable bedroom invented by Swiss architect Antonio Scarponi and visual artist Roberto De Luca for Das konzept.

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