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Vinyl clocks by Upstairs design

Upcycling is recycling with a difference! It’s an underlying trend in the world of fashion and decor that aims to upgrade recycled materials. It’s designed to transform waste materials or useless products into exceptional pieces.

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The Ice Hills Hotel

The Ice Hills Hotel is a unique hotel located in the Hokkaido region, a Japanese island off the north coast, close to Siberia. Made of ice and snow, this pop-up hotel is naturally ephemeral, since the first rays of the spring sunshine are sure to make it disappear.

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The flower man by Joseph Turvey

Joseph Turvey is a London-based stylist and London College of Fashion graduate. His end of year runway show, presented during London Fashion week this winter, got him an invitation to showcase his latest collection for the opening of Shanghai Fashion Week and also earned him the “Ones to Watch” title at LFW’s Menswear Day by a Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

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