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The return of the Hawaiian shirt!

At last, the famous Hawaiian shirt trend from the 80s is making a comeback!

The young company Chubbies shorts established since 2012 are trying to re-launch the trend-made popular by Tom Selleck in the TV series Magnum- after their recent success remaking short-shorts as a popular, must have item with men aged 18-35.

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3D textile encounter at the Modamont show

At the Modamont show held last week in Villepinte, a collection of materials for accessories, inspired by the 3D world, were presented around the theme ‘3D Encounter’.  Fabrics, materials, buttons and synthetic stones inspired by motifs coming from 3D printing, offering up a vision of a fragmented, geometric, architectural and technological world.

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Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques at the Galerie Particulière

‘The near, the low, the common’

The Galerie Particulière is currently presenting the first solo exhibition of Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques. Two series: ‘Footnotes’ made ​​in 2012 in Texas, and ‘Standards & Poors’ on the Spanish property crisis from 2013-14 are there to be discovered.

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Exhibition: Woof!

Here is an exhibition for dog lovers everywhere!

Open until the 4th of November, Woof! Une exposition qui a du chien honors our four legged friends with 70 original, funny and unexpected photographs.

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Connected bracelets have been making the headlines for some time, particularly since the growing popularity of the ‘Quantified self’ in sport. Currently the best known models are Jawbone: synchronized with the My Pal Fitness app, the iconic Nike FuelBand, Flex Fitbit – and now the Gear Fit Samsung and Motorola Moto360.

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