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20 different kinds of rain

Nendo have released a collection of bottle-objects for the September Maison et Objets trade fair at Villepinte under the theme ‘WORDS’. Considering the thousands of nuances in Japanese- a language that has dozens of words for rain depending on the condition and time of day- the studio also used paper as part of their designs.

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Chanel Fashion Show SS15

Fashion has frequently tried to takeover museums, often without success, but fashion shows are a new way that it can attempt to do so. The Grand Palais museum has become associated with the Maison Chanel, collaborating twice a year giving the brand an artistic status. A new way for couture to consolidate its aura.

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Qleek: Library 3.0

Tapps and Qleek have been designed to simplify our access to data through their materialization. Tapps are small wooden hexagons that can conceal a film, music, a photo album or even a Youtube channel… Just put it on the Qleek box and its contents runs directly on your TV or Hi-fi.

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