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Birdsnest for relaxing brain storming by OGE Creative

A new kind of office furniture for open spaces; Israeli designers Merav S. Eitanand Gaston Zahr have created this giantnest which can fitup to sixteen people. They want to create  a fusion between couch and  play area, which is achieved through its beautiful wooden structure and soft Egg-shaped cotton and lycra cushions.

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1 Week salad

Toshiba 1 WeekSalad by Nendo

1 week salad produces salad in a former electronics factory. The project, the first-stage concept for ‘Clean Room Farm’, Toshiba’s plan to turn a former semi-conductor factory into a farm, reuses a sealed, bacteria-excluding ‘clean room’ to groworganic vegetables, cutthem and package them for distribution. Withits long-wave fluorescent light suitable for cultivating vegetables, an air-conditioning system that keeps the temperature and humidity at fixed levels, an infrared surveillance system that monitors growing conditions and a sanitizing system that sterilizes packaging, all optional for growing salad vegetables, salad production condenses Toshiba’s expertise and skillat semi-conductor manufacturing and condition control into a new product.

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After Lara Melchoir, Lykke Li and A-S Davik, & Other Stories are now collaborating with Sadie Williams. The young British designer; a fresh graduate from Central Saint Martins School shows a very innovative textile approach and a taste for the unexpected and bizarre. Her capsule collection developed with the Swedish brand displays vibrant colours and multiple juxtapositions. The result is a contemporary mix of vintage and metallic sportswear with a folky silhouette and geometric motifs.

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Pie Paper: new piece for food culture

As there has always been a big spotlight on food, you would think that we know all there is to know. However it turns out there are still many unanswered questions.Why do we eat crisps instead of the more nutritious option of cruncy cockcroaches? Or why do we drink cow’s milk but are horrified by the idea of eating cheese made from human milk? To find the answers, open Pie Paper No. 5 ‘The Food Issue’.

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The increased look: Dior Mirror Eyes

Owing to the more and more technological applications that increase our possibilities (the iWatch, Google glasses, intelligent fabrics), cosmeticsare also being used toamplify the artistic possibilitiesof the body.For example a range of productsthat you can put on your eyelids,somewhere between ritual decoration and body enhancement.

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