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The Coperni duo join with Courrèges

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the two names responsible for the Coperni label have become the newly appointed artistic directors for Courrèges. The house of futuristic past seems to have got it spot on by recruiting two young talents of French couture.

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Boro: clothing with a story

It’s a sort of Japanese patchwork with indigo shades and much muchmore… Boro gets its name from the term ‘tattered’. Bits of fabric were taken from old clothes and recovered by Japanese peasants in the 19th century in order to make clothes to be worn and used for generations. This is why we’re revisiting this ancient technique because of its enduring qualities that make it a symbolic alternative to today’s clothing over consumption

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Connected and editorialized cosmetics

The growing popularity of beauty bloggers has shown us that cosmetics need to discussed and tested before being bought. This explains the results of the 2014 Experian survey: out of 6600 females, 15% have bought clothes online (over a period of 9 months) whereas only 5% have purchased cosmetics online. Luckily every problem has a solution and here’s a quick overview of a beauty panorama that is connected and editorialized.

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