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GRANADO: the scents of summer

In the new cosmetic space in Bon Marché, a number of brands are displaying their organic criteria and ethical manufacturing.

Among them, Granado is part of the new vintage and funky trend. The Brazilian label dating back to the 1870s broke out of the health industry by offering candy coloured packaging, firmly relying on the good moods and smiles of its cheerful sellers.

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Polar ascetic by Collar Swimwear

There is something unexpected about the icy silhouettes from Collar Swimwear. The polar climate providing the backdrop to these models in swim wear who we would be more accustomed to seeing in the sunshine; the second skin pieces capture the body like the cold waters immerse winter swimmers, becoming the inspiration for the collection.

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Lola James Harper, infusing lifestyles

With the motto ‘candles, music, photos and coffee’, Lola James Harper isn’t just a brand, nor a woman or a concept store. It’s a story of friendship that has turned 10 years into a concept around Rami Mekdachi, an artistic director and guitarist passionate about music and travel.

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New brands of active wear that are appearing on the market that shy away from the codes of performance. The colours are simple, radically centred on black, mottled grey and white, enhanced by points of blue. The materials and cuts are very precise. Sobriety and elegance are the key words of this genre of products ideal for both the city and the gym.

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The new boutiques invite us to come inside

Standing out from other brands who present clothing debauchery and luxury accessories, the boutique strives to be more of a dolls house than a house of consumption by offering an experience you can only really feel by being inside the store.

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