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Studiomazé, fashion to play with!

Studiomazé isn’t the first brand that Lucille Mazé has launched. In 2014 she founded Mazarine with Hélène Timsit, a high range designer label that unveiled collections for short events. The biggest selling point of the brand was the buying experience it provided, allowing the clients themselves to compose the clothing. But for the client to be really active, Lucille Mazé let him the possibility to go further with Studiomazé.

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When Creatives got Political, #Brexit

Today marks the day when the great British public will decide whether they want in or out of their long-standing relationship with the EU. Unsurprisingly, the referendum has sparked up controversy and debate throughout the country, the fellow 27 members of the union, and the rest of the world.

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Why Espadrilles?

With rope soles and canvas uppers, Espadrilles immediately evoke summer imagery, such as ball games on the beach, the charm of a small Spanish town, and the south of France. Light and supple, they dress our feet with no fuss.

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