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EcoVero, the ‘green’ textile fibre

With the aim of reducing environmental damage caused by the worldwide textile industry, Austrian company Lenzing has developed EcoVero, an environmentally responsible textile fibre. But what is this new fibre made from? Clean and renewable natural materials and wood.

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BioLogic, the living fabric that reacts to heat

How do you create a fabric that is as ‘breathable’ as possible, capable of reacting and adjusting to heat? A group of researchers from MIT has found the solution: ensure the fabric is alive. A myriad of tiny openings are integrated into the bioLogic fabric, which become active when exposed to increased heat or sweating, for example during physical activity.

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Seoullo 7017, a new High Line in Seoul

Amidst buildings and the hustle and bustle of Seoul, the architecture studio MVRDV has just completed construction of a unique bridge, where no less than 50 types of plants have been planted, transforming an old highway from the 70s into a real aerial park, reminiscent of New York’s High Line.

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