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In Shanghai, Neobio Kids restaurant combines a play space and a dining area

How do you keep kids entertained throughout a long restaurant meal? More effective than colouring crayons or watching films on a tablet, this Shanghai restaurant has incorporated a huge recreational room into its dining area, allowing parents to relax while their children play around them.

Playful and dreamlike, the space has successfully achieved both entertaining constructions for the little ones and a pleasant design for the onlooking adults, using a palette of soft tones and patterns that is far from the often gaudy colours of traditional playrooms.

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What do the shops of the future look like?

While e-commerce continues to conquer the luxury market, some companies are seeking to reinvent the real life shopping experience using innovative technologies. Their aim? To centre their prestigious addresses less around purchasing and more around interaction, creating unique experiences within their boutiques.

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An ambitious, futuristic and truly luminous project, this library in the Chinese city of Tianjin Binhai is just the first part of a district that will be entirely devoted to culture. It demonstrates the current ambition of the Chinese to position themselves among the world of culture and knowledge.

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The Arrivals opens three unique boutiques in the United States

Clothing brand ‘The Arrivals’, creator of minimalist design pieces, opens three new stores in the United States in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The architects behind the project Bower and Lotte Van Velzen have used materials and a colour palette that match perfectly with the colours and shapes of the clothing, creating a unique, harmonious environment.

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Un Jour Ailleurs launches jeans that are good for your skin

Jeans that eliminate the need for anti-cellulite cream? Incredible but true, the French ready-to-wear label Un Jour Ailleurs has collaborated with textile company Solvay to develop jeans made of smart yarn that stimulates microcirculation and turns body heat into infra-red rays.

Named Apollo, the jeans help to make the skin firmer, softer and more elastic, all while reducing imperfections.

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