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Vision, the tyre of the future

While car manufacturers are striving to develop more ecological cars for the future, the production of their various components still generates as much pollution. That is the case of tyres, of which Michelin is committed to reducing the pollution impact with the Vision.

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Ecocapsule, the nomadic, environmentally-friendly abode

Its oval shape is reminiscent of an enormous metallic egg nestled somewhere in the middle of nature, while inside it hides a comfortable and ergonomic living space for two people. Functional and nomadic, Ecocapsule, an eco-friendly mobile-home made by the Slovakian architectural firm nice&wise, is an attractive solution for stressed-out urbanites in search of a natural retreat.

Designed in 2015, nice&wise have just announced that the first prototypes will be launched at the end of 2017.

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