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Undress Code, the lingerie brand that lets women to the talking

All too often, lingerie is designed to project a certain type of message: that the woman wearing it is sexy, feminine, flirtatious, and seductive… without actually letting her express herself. Standing against this censorship is Undress Code, a Polish lingerie brand whose garments are designed to reveal the personality of their wearer, supporting her identity and boosting her confidence.

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A mirrored ceiling for a Toronto subway station

As part of the city’s subway extension project, Grimshaw architects studio, in collaboration with Arup consultants and Adamson Associates Architects, has completed a new station at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre featuring ceilings that are completely covered with mirrors for better light circulation.

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Create your own tailored skincare with the Romy formulator

Is your skin too oily one day, but then seems too dry the next? Instead of juggling between products, beauty start-up Romy Paris has created a care capsule formulator that creates tailor-made skincare according to your skin’s needs at any given time. In other words, a kind of cosmetic laboratory for use at home that gives you an immediate result.

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Is made-to-measure the future of cosmetics?

Fragrances, foundations, creams and skincare products personalised to match your tastes and the nature of your skin: personalisation is the new luxury in the realm of Beauty. More than a mere trend, made-to-measure is a new way of considering cosmetics that adapt to everyone’s nature.

The market leaders L’Oréal and Lancôme have revealed their new concepts that push the limits of personalised beauty a little bit further.

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Fibres with thermal, flame-resistant and electricity-conducting properties: Litrax’s three textile innovations

At the latest ISPO in Beijing, China, the Swiss textile manufacturer Litrax presented three innovations that will revolutionise textile manufacture on a global scale. Three smart new fibres, L2, L14 and L11, attracted the attention of the brands and companies present at this trade fair dedicated to sports.

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