Nike launches a collection created using body mapping

AAE. Behind these three letters is the new menswear collection from Nike Lab, Advanced Apparel Exploration 1.0. But what is so special about it? The combination of computer design and technological flexion in its manufacturing has led to the creation of a clothing line that pushes the boundaries of the textile industry.

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“Living jewellery” that works like a personal assistant for your clothes

The teams of researchers, engineers and designers at MIT Media Lab have recently unveiled their brand new project, Kino, which aims to revolutionise the wearing of jewellery as a simple fashion accessory and transform it into a partner for connected living. Together, they have created robots that look like brooches or jewellery, capable of moving independently on any surface, including clothes.

This “living jewellery” can interact directly with the wearer or react to external conditions for increased living comfort.

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Textile: the DuPont biosciences company wins a prize for its biotechnological innovations

The DuPont biosciences company was awarded a prize presented by the consulting company Frost & Sullivan as the European company best making use of biological materials in the manufacture of its products. This annual prize was awarded in recognition of DuPont innovations in the field of biomaterials: “intelligent” fabrics made from naturally reactive agents and oriented toward eco-friendliness, a great area of research for the textile industry.

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