Drag Queen Barbie

Following ‘Popstar Barbie’, ‘Fashion Barbie’, and the extremely trashy, ‘Pooper Scooper Barbie’, Mattel have now released ‘Drag Queen Barbie.’ Sold at $125 each, you’ll only be able to find these dolls online, not in shops. Is a transgender Barbie one step too far? Not at all, answers Cathy Cline, vice president of marketing for Barbie manufacturer, Mattel: “Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.”

Barbie Drag QueenBarbie Drag Queen

The doll’s official name is ‘Blond Diamond Baby Barbie’, and was designed by fashion design duo, The Blonds and inspired by fellow drag queen, Philippe Blond. But don’t worry – like all Barbie sisters before her she does not reveal any anatomic details.

Jean Paul GautierJean Paul Gautier

Is the interest of brands towards transgender a sign of changing times? Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rules of fashion become progressively more inversed. For example, the tuxedo jacket, oversized men’s shirts and the ‘boyfriend jean’ are omnipresent in A/W womenswear collections. Simultaneously, men’s shirts are embracing more and more feminine colours. They are also able to play with and distort their image using make-up and tattoos. Boy-girl/girl-boy… even brands are doing it. Jean-Paul Gaultier even modeled Andrej Pejic posing in a wedding dress in Vogue. Lelan Bobbe’s project, Half-Drag, also challenges the idea of sexually identity and puts it into the spotlight with his half-girl, half-boy portraits.

Lelan BobbeLelan Bobbe

‘Drag Queen Barbie’ is clearly on-trend and is a sign of changing times, but it’s a no brainer for the doll which combines humour, fantasy, and several grams of glitter glued on her cleavage.


 Danièle Pétrès