Narrative Made: Every garment has a story

In the wake of Fashion Revolution Week ’16 that took place globally last week, both online with #whomademyclothes and events in over 70 countries, we are discovering beautiful emerging artisanal brands that uniquely focus on the interesting stories and settings of the people behind the scenes making rich textiles. One of them is Narrative Made.


Founded by Sharon de Lyster based in Hong Kong, Narrative Made’s creation tells the stories of it’s makers – artisans from remote corners of the world – who weave together generations of culture, history, and technical skill in their craft. Narrative Made partners with artisan communities in the developing world and provides a fair channel for them to continue working with the traditional skills that they have inherited. The motifs, hand stitches, weaving techniques, and natural dyes all reflect their unshakable identities; identities that they are proud of, and are worth celebrating.


The pursuit of an ethical and environmentally friendly direction is seen in all this brand’s work. Just by looking at Narrative Made’s Instagram @narrative.made and Facebook @narrativemade one finds pictures and stories about the communities Sharon works with, stunning photo journals of her travels to discover more communities she can work with and celebratory statuses encouraging the fashion community to make ethical decisions. Most notably is the work with NGO Living Blue which is described on Narrative Made’s website as ‘Putting the painful and oppressive history of British indigo trading behind, indigo dye is once again come alive in Bangladesh’. What an astonishingly beautiful restoration objective for a brand to have!

This first collection A/W 16 features heritage fabrications from handwoven, hand-pleated and double-sided embroidery from the Miao tribe in China. The Miao, who have only spoken and no written languages, use their fabric patterns to record and communicate cultural information, history and stories form one generation to the next.  A skirt worth of hand pleated fabric takes up to 3 weeks to complete. This is artisanal luxury at its finest.

A trend to discover in our Influence & Design Trendbook SS 18, to be released at the end of this month.



Collection pieces available now for pre-order: Follow the story-telling news on facebook @narrativemade and on instagram @narrative.made