UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella

One of the hardest things about living in a crowded metropolis like Tokyo is conquering the city when it rains. Carry a dripping wet umbrella, close your umbrella, jump on a crowded train, get in the car, get out of the car, open your umbrella… repeat.


However, Japanese designer Hiroshi Kajimoto has the ingenious idea of reinventing the umbrella as we know it today, behold: UnBRELLA, the inside out umbrella!

In contrast to the classic object, UnBRELLA features metal frames constructed on the outer surface. The innovative opening system means that instead of closing downwards, it folds upside down so that the wet surface is on the inside.


The advantage of this new concept: you don’t need to worry about getting yourself, or anyone else for that matter, wet on crowded trains. Also, it’s easier to open when getting out of a car and stands up on its own so there’s no need to find somewhere to balance it when not in use.


This new reinvented umbrella comes in three shades of blue and is sure to make your rainy days bright, colorful and stress free.

[youtube clip_id=phdeprKdVwU width=’863′ height=’480′]