Our History

  • Created in 1966, Promostyl was a pioneer in the textile industry, accompanying weavers and button makers in the conquest for new opportunities in the ready-to-wear market.

    During this time, this young style office invented products that were becoming essential for creators and manufacturers: Trendbooks.

    Following this success, Promostyl was the first office to grow internationally: New York and Tokyo.

  • In the 80s, through analyzing socio-cultural influences, which represent the cultural expression of an era, its mood and its lifestyle, fresh thinking was born.

    Promostyl became a pioneer in detecting sociocultural trends

    After predicting the sportswear revolution, Promostyl was the first to announce the crossover of ecology in fashion and thus created the Ecostyle Trendbooks.

  • In the 90s, marketing and advertising strongly impacted the industry. Promostyl created new consulting services which fueled its development.

    Consequently, it carried out numerous studies on the impact of the Baby-Boomers generation.

  • In 2000, Promostyl was the first trend agency to open a branch in China.

    Today, faced with the rapid evolution of trends and the arrival of new products & services, Promostyl is now, more than ever, a source of inspiration for the global market.

    With its longstanding expertise in forecasting, Promostyl is always in tune with the ever-changing socio-cultural context.

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