Mission Workshop. Behind this intriguing name lies a contemporary label that mixes technical materials and pragmatic products. It’s a fact: this label born under the Californian sun distinguishes itself by manufacturing bike bags and luggage that deliver in both performance and desirability.


Tellin gives new meaning to activewear

Today we’re looking at the Tellin brand, which succeeds in using textile innovation to make classically elegant clothes. Tellin’s philosophy is about being free to move without letting go of style!

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Emana, the fibre with bioactive properties

A fabric that can enhance sports performance with cosmetic benefits too? That’s the surreal promise made by Emana, a thread developed by Rhodia Solvay that Coltex uses for its lingerie, fitness and beachwear textiles.

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Innovation comes to our footwear

After getting involved in ready-to-wear, as we have already seen in Promostyl’s AW19-20 Sports book (page 40), technology is now taking over our shoes, transforming them into both connected objects and accessories that are just as stylish as they are pragmatic. A demonstration.

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Dôen, the brand with a Bohemian aesthetic

Women’s collective Dôen was created in Los Angeles in 2015 by two sisters, Margaret and Katherine Kleveland and falls into the trend for easy fashion with a vintage vibe. The range is inspired by Bohemian design and a certain nostalgia for the California of years gone by, and features floral pieces with a streamlined chic.

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Priya Ahluwalia, winner of the H&M Design Award 2019

Eco-friendly ready-to-wear is in vogue and H&M is keen to make it more than a passing trend. As proof of its ethical commitment, the brand has just awarded the H&M Design Award 2019 to Priya Ahluwalia, a particularly environmentally friendly fashion designer.

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