“Seconde Vie”, the 100% ethical collection by Côme

Blood bonds are the strongest, Côme is the undeniable proof. Created in 2014 by brother and sister Clémence and Matthieu Dru, the brand offers up ultra-desirable pieces that are as delicate as they are urban. This summer, Côme launches its first 100% ethical collection, to be snapped up without delay!

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eShakti, the custom-made specialist

Customise your clothes to the point of being able to nearly completely change them? This is the new promise of eShakti, the American women’s ready-to-wear brand known for offering custom sizes and styles.

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Bouguessa: effortless chic made in Dubai

Based at the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Faiza Bouguessa draws openly on traditional Dubaian know-how. Combining Eastern inspirations and Western trends, the young Frenchwoman offers bold and elegant pieces with ultra-refined details. Focus.

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Bande Noir, Mayte Allende’s singular label

Created by former journalist Mayte Allende, the Bande Noir label offers bold and contemporary pieces that sculpt the figure to perfection. The label invites us to discover a new delicate yet sophisticated facet of minimalism.

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