Molly Goddard’s extravagant fashion

Molly Goddard is now known for her spectacular volumes, but has been designing sophisticated, feminine pieces that make a real impression since 2015. Molly Goddard’s unmistakable DNA has an offbeat feel, bringing a breath of fresh air to British fashion.

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Designers transform toxic sludge into a ceramics line

Making sustainable ceramics from industrial waste? It can be done, as mentioned in the “Green Innovations” concept – Lands Theme in the AW20-21 Digital Influences Study. Four designers from London’s Royal College of Art, Guillermo Whittembury, Joris Olde-Rikkert, Kevin Rouff and Luis Paco Bockelmann, have achieved the ingenious feat of recycling the residue of red mud, derived from aluminium production, turning it into a desirable line of terracotta-coloured cups, bowls and teapots. A bold and inventive way of recovering by-products that are potentially toxic for the modern world while reducing raw material production.

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The design of the SND store in China: a blend of futurism and pragmatism

The complex relationship between the body and space in a given environment was the guiding thread of the tremendous thinking by the architecture studio that designed the SND store concept. Located in Chongqing, China, this avant-garde fashion mecca boasts lines with a pure minimalism, set off by a surprising cubic sales area, blending reflective surfaces, bold geometries and complex textures.

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Ethical fashion according to À Moi Paris

Created in 2017 by Claudia Cannatelli, the À Moi Paris brand reveals chic yet urban collections that can be worn on any occasion. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, the designer offers timeless ethical pieces of unequalled quality.

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Jacob Lee’s couture rock style

With their brand Jacob Lee, David Rosenfeld and Olga Schunk create chic and sophisticated collections influenced by a 100% rock’n’roll style. With leather, resounding slogans and dynamic looks, the English label takes a provocative approach with a modern elegance.

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