Architectural structure for the Imarika boutique in Milan

The clothing brand Imarika has called on the Marcante-Testa studio to rethink the design of its Milan store near the “Porta Venezia”. Known for its unexpected material mixes and colour detailing, in this instance Marcante-Testa has created an atypical all-pastel setting!

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Cadieux Paris, a new elegantly sophisticated figure

In just four years, this European brand has succeeded in modernising the ideals of French sartorial elegance with a refined pragmatism. This remarkable entrepreneurial feat has propelled Cadieux Paris to the heights of the ready-to-wear industry.

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Batsheva’s conservative fashion

Running counter to current trends, Batsheva Hay offers collections inspired by Orthodox Jewish traditions and her conservative values. We take a closer look at a singular brand that has not gone unnoticed!

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Trend: when furniture becomes iridescent

While the iridescent trend has already been popular for several seasons in the ready-to-wear world, as shown on our Instagram account, it is also gradually beginning to take over the design world. Looking as if it came straight out of a fairytale or science fiction film, the iridescent effect is inspiring designers to create furniture or decorative elements in atypical venues such as boutiques or museums.

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