The power of nature against odours in cotton textiles: safe, natural and sustainable

A textile additive able to effectively combat nasty odours that sometimes lastingly impregnate our clothes and may even leave a few bacteria behind? This dream has become a reality thanks to the action of the Sanitized Mintactiv additive that – directly incorporated into the cotton fibre – naturally and lastingly controls these undesirable odours. In short, an antimicrobial treatment that owes its impressive effectiveness to its main component: peppermint extract.

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Between dream and reality: Alexis Christodoulou’s 3D architecture

Alexis Christodoulou is a self-taught artist living in South Africa, who creates imaginary architectural spaces using 3D software, which he then posts on his successful Instagram account @teaaalexis. Fascinated by the world of video games and 3D graphics, this former advertising copywriter lamented these images’ lack of aesthetics. His work creates a subtle blend between digital art and his phantasmagorical obsessions.

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“Seconde Vie”, the 100% ethical collection by Côme

Blood bonds are the strongest, Côme is the undeniable proof. Created in 2014 by brother and sister Clémence and Matthieu Dru, the brand offers up ultra-desirable pieces that are as delicate as they are urban. This summer, Côme launches its first 100% ethical collection, to be snapped up without delay!

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eShakti, the custom-made specialist

Customise your clothes to the point of being able to nearly completely change them? This is the new promise of eShakti, the American women’s ready-to-wear brand known for offering custom sizes and styles.

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Bouguessa: effortless chic made in Dubai

Based at the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Faiza Bouguessa draws openly on traditional Dubaian know-how. Combining Eastern inspirations and Western trends, the young Frenchwoman offers bold and elegant pieces with ultra-refined details. Focus.

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