A new material that makes us invisible?

A new textile material that can blend in with the colour of its environment? This is the technical innovation achieved by Russian company Rostec which, could one day be transposed to the ready-to-wear industry.

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Urban Shapes, the ingenious geometric bench

The founders of Nortstudio, located in the city of Anvers in Belgium, have designed Urban Shapes, an ingenious, modular and colourful bench. Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker were inspired by the city and, in particular, construction materials to create a four-piece bench connected by a grid.

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The first Riccardo Tisci show for Burberry

A high point of the latest London fashion week, the Burberry Spring-Summer 2019 fashion show allowed Riccardo Tisci, the house’s new artistic director, to be officially inducted with his first, (much)-anticipated mixed collection. A show event that confirmed the stylistic vision of Christopher Bailey’s successor after weeks of teasing and the inauguration of a new visual identity. Continue reading “The first Riccardo Tisci show for Burberry”

MatchesFashion.com opens a breathtaking new store in London

The online platform MatchesFashion.com reveals its new retail space in London. In an extremely stylish decor blending a typical English aesthetic with designer furniture, the space is a store and a media centre in one, with a view to creating an original customer experience.

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Created in 2016 by Sonia Trehan, the RUH brand is a real breath of fresh air. Featuring elegant pieces with a minimalist chic, we discover a first highly desirable collection whose watchwords are simplicity and pragmatism.


Novarel Slim: A Nylon Microfiber That Helps Us Get Rid of Cellulite

NUREL, the synthetic fibers’ giant, has introduced an innovative nylon microfiber that promises to control skin’s orange peel appearance. Its name? Novarel Slim! Named by the microencapsulation technology used, Novarel Slim incorporates a cosmetic aid that controls women’s worst enemy: cellulite.

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