Dubai Design Week

Since 2015, Dubai Design Week has made the capital of the United Arab Emirates a hive of cultural activity. This year, for its fourth edition, it was held from 12 to 17 November with over 200 events that took place in the Dubai Design District.

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The designer Alykhan Velji returns to his roots for Mobilia

The designer Alykhan Velji, based in Calgary in Canada, has returned to his Indian roots to create his new Modern India furniture line for Mobilia. Composed of 15 pieces, the collection includes a wooden bench, coffee tables, a mirror, a console table and chairs inspired by Indian architecture and motifs.

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Plumen launches its new LED bulb

Celebrated lighting brand Plumen has just brought out a new LED bulb with the aim of replacing its 001 bulb with a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative. Despite technological advances, the brand has retained the bulb’s recognisable design in the form of a loop, offering lighting that is both aesthetic and energy-saving.

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Responsive Furniture, a modular furniture range

Two graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven have created a series of original and authentic items of furniture called Responsive Furniture. Christian Hammer Juhl and Jade Chan were inspired by the need for change expressed by the Dutch population.

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Urban Shapes, the ingenious geometric bench

The founders of Nortstudio, located in the city of Anvers in Belgium, have designed Urban Shapes, an ingenious, modular and colourful bench. Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker were inspired by the city and, in particular, construction materials to create a four-piece bench connected by a grid.

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Collection O by Hi, Thanks, Bye Studio: Furniture Inspired By Canada And China

Hi, Thanks, Bye, the Canadian design studio founded in 2017 by Stein Wang and Topher Tong, launched its first furniture collection inspired by the Chinese-Canadian origin of its founders. The name of this first project is Collection O and it was showcased during Stockholm’s Design Week 2018. Let’s take a deeper look!

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The Neotenic collection by New York studio Jumbo

Founded by Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee, Jumbo is a young design studio based in New York. The duo has just unveiled its latest collection at NYCxDesign: Neotenic is comprised of pieces with simple, generous lines that are made using metal tubes.

The collection features four pieces: an armchair and three lamps. Each one is based on the same creative principle, designed using wide, curved steel tubes.

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Bec Brittain and John Hogan revisit the Aries lamp

New York designers Bec Brittain and John Hogan have revisited the iconic Aries lamp with a new structure and original use of glass. Exhibited at the NYCXDesign festival, the three lamps in the series are available in a limited edition of ten copies each.

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