How trainers have conquered Men’s Fashion Week

Seen everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Dior through Comme des Garçons, trainers really made their mark on the catwalk during the latest Men’s Fashion Week. Leading the way is Virgil Abloh, the genius designer behind the Off-White brand named as artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, whose strong streetwear community transforms everything that he designs into an instant bestseller.

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Textile Innovation: The Best Products for S/S 2020 By ISPO Textrends

In Shanghai the die has been cast and the winners for the best products for S/S 2020 have been announced. Performance and sustainability were the key factors defining the jury’s choices. From UV protection and anti-odour merino wool to thermal regulating and anti-bacterial polyester taffeta, the new generation of fabrics is offering high performance, innovative functionalities and eco-friendly production processes.

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Arthur Avellano, the designer bringing latex to the masses

A young French designer barely 25 years old, Arthur Avellano is increasingly making a name for himself thanks to his use of latex as the key material in the creation of his clothing line. Sometimes associated with negative connotations, latex is regaining prestige thanks to the young brand’s innovative and inspiring collections.

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Iris Van Herpen’s 3D-Experience Fashion Show

In an effort to visualize her “Syntopia” Collection, Iris Van Herpen collaborated with Studio Drift for her latest fashion show and the outcome was extraordinary. A spatial kinetic installation was the key to transform the show into a 3D experience.

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A-COLD-WALL, the young London label to follow

While Virgil Abloh and his recent first Menswear show for Louis Vuitton are the talk of the town, his former assistant at Off-White also made an impression at London’s latest spring/summer fashion week. We’re talking about Samuel Ross and his young brand A-Cold-Wall, which is breaking down the established barriers between streetwear and couture codes and offering a socially aware vision of fashion.

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