Is made-to-measure the future of cosmetics?

Fragrances, foundations, creams and skincare products personalised to match your tastes and the nature of your skin: personalisation is the new luxury in the realm of Beauty. More than a mere trend, made-to-measure is a new way of considering cosmetics that adapt to everyone’s nature.

The market leaders L’Oréal and Lancôme have revealed their new concepts that push the limits of personalised beauty a little bit further.

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Neutrogena Skin 360, the connected skin scanner that assesses dermatological needs

Taking selfies can potentially save your skin: with its new connected object Skin 360, the beauty brand Neutrogena is offering customers the opportunity to assess the state of their skin at a click. By attaching a Skinscanner to their smartphone, the user can take an extremely close-up photo of the state of their skin and thus assess its needs: moisture level, pore size, presence of wrinkles.

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Reformation, or when cool becomes ethical

Eco-friendly yet desirable: this is motto championed by Reformation, a Californian ready-to-wear label that has been successfully redefining the codes of ethical fashion since it was founded in 2009. A demonstration.

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When technology is put to the service of fashion shows

In an age when the image is king, when everything is broadcast almost instantaneously on social media, what is the relevance of a fashion show? Its function has radically changed over the past five years: it has become an occasion for a brand to enjoy this moment in the spotlight to show how ahead it is of its competitors. This season, this demonstration was given in the realm of technology.

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Henkel Salon Lab, le salon de coiffure du futur

With the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab, Henkel intends to revolutionise our visit to the hairdresser by proposing a holistic ecosystem of connected tools that offer a personalised diagnosis of the state of our hair. Here’s how…

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