Shoes: green alternatives to artificial leather

A health and environmental disaster, faux leather nowadays has to compete with innovative synthetic fibres that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. An unprecedented godsend for the shoe market, which is in the midst of a full-scale vegan revolution. Here’s why.

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A new material that makes us invisible?

A new textile material that can blend in with the colour of its environment? This is the technical innovation achieved by Russian company Rostec which, could one day be transposed to the ready-to-wear industry.

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Novarel Slim: A Nylon Microfiber That Helps Us Get Rid of Cellulite

NUREL, the synthetic fibers’ giant, has introduced an innovative nylon microfiber that promises to control skin’s orange peel appearance. Its name? Novarel Slim! Named by the microencapsulation technology used, Novarel Slim incorporates a cosmetic aid that controls women’s worst enemy: cellulite.

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