Twice a year, PROMOSTYL scrutinizes and analyzes the most impacting fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, Paris) and delivers a comprehensive report, entitled “VISION”.


Our experts designers conduct an in-depth study of their sector’s catwalk shows to identify the most important key points for the upcoming season. Three days after each Fashion Week, you will receive a report of about 20 pages.

After analyzing all weekly catwalks, our experts select the 8 must-have products that they observed.

Our selection for the 4 most interesting fabrics of the week.

Discover our expert’s selection for the 4 key prints of the week.

Our selection for the 4 main colors.


After the season’s 4  fashion weeks, our experts study and compare their previous reports to identify the strong common emerging trends. They consolidate the information in terms of shape, fabrics, colors and details into a 40-page report.

Discover the 12 must-have products for the season that our experts have selected as the main emerging trends.

Discover the 4 main fabrics for the upcoming season.

Our expert’s selection of the 4 key prints.

Our expert’s choice of the 4 upcoming accessories.

Our expert’s selection of 4 colors.